Team Development

Team Coaching and Development

We live in an interconnected world where every action has an impact, and we see this as we build and manage teams. As a team we need to know where we are headed, and why. We also need to understand how each team member works together to reach our goals and team coaching is critical in taking the first step down the path of successful team development.

All journeys and expeditions require careful planning and preparation – chartering and developing a team is no different. It’s not enough to put a group of people together and hope that they will become a high performing team, you have to guide the process and coach team members appropriately. And knowing when to develop a team versus putting together a solid work group is critical. Not every business strategy requires a high performing team.

With Edgeline Leadership Consulting Group’s team coaching program, one of our expert business coaches works with you to assess where your team is in its development and measure that against expectations. We are experts in helping you maximize the investment you have in your teams.

Our team coaching and development services include:

  • Guided chartering process for launching new teams
  • Strategies for re-constituting a team when membership changes
  • New hire onboarding techniques
  • Action Learning Teams focusing on both business AND learning outcomes