Team Development

Team Development

We live in an interconnected world where every action has an impact and a consequence. We see this dynamic surface in teams as they are forming, clarifying their purpose, agreeing on performance goals, identifying measures of success and sorting out how they will “be” together inter-personally. Well functioning teams are aligned about their “why” and the “how”. Engaging with a team coach is the first step down the path of successful team development.

All journeys and expeditions require careful planning and preparation – chartering and developing a team is no different. It’s not enough to put a group of people together and hope that they will become a high performing team. It requires work and intention from everyone. The type of team must also match the business objective. Should the team be self- directed or have a team lead? Have fluid or fixed membership? Develop strategy or execute strategy? Knowing when to develop a team versus putting together a solid work group is critical. Not every business strategy requires a high performing team.

When you engage with us for team development, we will work with you to assess where your team is in its development and measure that against expectations. We are experienced in helping you maximize the investment you have in your teams.

Our team development services include:

  • Guided chartering process for launching new teams
  • Strategies for re-constituting a team when membership changes
  • New hire and leader on-boarding techniques
  • High performing team assessment strategies and outcome based team development
  • Project- Action Learning team facilitation focusing on both business AND learning outcomes
  • Strategic planning and retreat facilitation