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Meet Joan Gurvis Shields
Principal, Edgeline Leadership Group, LLC

Running a business or leading a team can sometimes feel at times like hiking an unknown trail. You start out upon a path that seems comfortable and familiar and with ease, you begin the thrilling climb with your confidence soaring. But then you come to the edge, and you don’t know what to do. The way forward is suddenly challenging and unfamiliar. You know you don’t want to go back the way you came. How do you use your strengths to move past an obstacle when you’ve never faced this kind of challenge before? Whether you are working through business challenges, leading people or making a career transition, you often come face-to-face with important decision points. I’m here to help you navigate through these challenges and equip you for success. To move ahead with purpose and confidence. Because when you can come to the edge and keep going, your path will lead you to even more extraordinary experiences.

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