Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Today’s business environment is complex and the stakes are high. Nowadays, it takes more than just skill and ability to drive business results, it takes the right mindset.  Your mindset matters – the right frame of mind distinguishes successful leaders from those who derail (and derailing can happen at any level). No matter where you are in your leadership experience, executive coaching can help you navigate the ever-changing terrain of today’s changing business landscape and get you back on the trail of success.  

Edgeline Leadership Group offers a variety of executive coaching services to guide you as you navigate the challenges you face. We help you understand your strengths and capitalize upon them and we help you understand where your gaps are. We do this by providing you with support while also challenging you to develop new ways of thinking about your leadership. 

We have access to a wide variety of leadership assessment tools and strategies to provide you with the insight needed to create practical goals to accelerate your leadership effectiveness.

Our executive coaching services include:

C-Suite Coaching
We understand what it is like to work at the top. Our C-Suite Coaching Program pairs you with a seasoned executive coach who works closely with you to quickly understand your business, your challenges and you. Your time is precious, so our coaches get right down to business in partnering with you to help you create a personal development plan with measurable results.

Transition Coaching
The first 90 days matter the most in any new leadership assignment. Our transition coaching program is designed to provide frequent touchpoints in the short term to support you as your role and scope changes. Learning what to focus on and how you spend your time as you take on new responsibilities is the key to a successful professional transition.

Coaching for Impact
People depend on you for a lot. Your team, your boss, your board and your peers. Our leadership coaches work closely with you to assess how you can create a greater impact with your stakeholders and build stronger relationship, grow your network and improve your influence.