Who I am

My name is Joan Gurvis Shields and I am a Board Certified Executive Coach and an outdoor enthusiast based in Colorado Springs. Sure, many people spice up their bios with personal nuggets like this, but over the years, I’ve found that managing a team or a business is much like exploring the outdoors. In each encounter, we choose a path in which we discover new things about the world around us, and ultimately about ourselves. These paths often bring us to an edge, and as we face this precipice we must make decisions that seem challenging, and can create a feeling of self doubt.

In those moments, I step into that space with you; to help guide you through the uncertainty so you learn to conquer that fear and trust yourself to make the right decision for where you are and what you need to do. More importantly, you learn to do the same for your team.

Joan Gurvis

My business coaching philosophy

There’s a ton of jargon out there about corporate culture, building A players, etc. But what often gets lost in the conversation is understanding how and why you need to do these things. Every team member is unique and can bring their own unique strengths to the table, and yet, they have to feel motivated and empowered to do so. Because motivated team members are more likely to take action, to embrace innovation and to drive the results you need to succeed as an organization. As you work with me you will find I bring a mixture of practicality, warmth and directness that helps me to connect with my coaching and business clients.

My leadership development experience

My career and own leadership journey has provided me with the opportunity to work with and learn from clients in all industry sectors and geographies. While it is fair to say that my niche is coaching and facilitating innovative and relevant leadership development solutions with CEO’s and their Senior teams, I have deep experience working with all levels of leaders. Drawing upon my work at the Center for Creative Leadership, a top ranked global provider of leadership development as a highly sought after Senior Faculty – I saw firsthand the power of developing engaged and committed leaders. My years as the Managing Director of the Colorado Springs Business Unit gave me firsthand experience in leading a complex multi-million dollar business and inspiring the people that created real results. Other stops along the way have been as an Assistant Vice President at the US Trust Company, a wealth management firm leading the Southern Region Learning and Development function, and before that a long career in healthcare in both clinical and administrative roles. Today, many of my clients are healthcare executives. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.